Bluffton, Thomas More players among national leaders

November 1, 2000

Team Statistics

Total Offense: Bluffton ranks 29th (404.1 yards per game)
Turnover Margin: Bluffton ranks 12th (1.75 margin)
Rushing Offense: Thomas More ranks 20th (228.8 yards per game)
Rushing Defense: Thomas More ranks 21st (78.1 yards per game)
Pass Efficiency Defense: Thomas More ranks 19th (83.7 rating)
Scoring Defense: Thomas More ranks 15th (11.4 average)

Individual Statistics

      Will Castleberry (TMC) ranks 1st with 173.2 yards per game
      Tyson Goings (BC) ranks 6th with 160.4 yards per game

Passing Efficiency:
      Brad Moore (BC) ranks 17th with 149.8 rating (1,661 yards, 15 TDS, 3 int., 55.9 cpl%)

All-Purpose Runner:
      Tyson Goings (BC) ranks 3rd with 204.38 yards per game (1283 yds, 220 rec. 132 KO returns)
      Will Castleberry (TMC) ranks 11th with 187.67 yards per game (1559 yds, 130 rec)

Scoring Offense Leaders:
      Tyson Goings (BC) ranks 18th with 84 points (14 TDs, 8 games)
      Will Castleberry (TMC) ranks 30th with 84 points (14 TDs, 9 Games)