Carpenter goes "under the mic" Saturday

By Tim Stried, SID
October 12, 2000

During most games, Bluffton College football players give their full attention to what Head Coach Carlin Carpenter has to say. This Saturday, however, it might be the entire United States.

NBC affiliate WAVE Channel 3 out of Louisville will have Carpenter "under the mic" this weekend for a special report that will be available to every NBC affiliate across the country. The report will combine Carpenter's coaching dialogue during Bluffton's game on Saturday against Hanover College with his famous "Five pound block of cheese" folk song.

The producer for the special is WAVE photo journalist Tony Mirones, who is in his third year at Channel 3 and is a 1995 Bluffton College graduate and former football player for the Beavers. Mirones, who's station covers Hanover College athletics, said when he saw that the 2000 Hanover football schedule included a visit from Bluffton, the idea to do a special on Carpenter was too good to pass up.

Mirones, who produces "photo essays" for WAVE and other NBC affiliates, said that he'll lead into the piece by showcasing Carpenter's folk singing talent and his epic song "The five pound box of cheese." Mirones will then "shock the viewer," as he put it, by then showing that Carpenter isn't just a folk singer, but a highly successful college football coach.

Carpenter will perform his song in a recording studio Friday night in Hanover. He'll then have a wireless microphone placed on him beginning at noon on Saturday that will record every word he says until after the game. Mirones will then edit the tape for certain comments he'll use for his special.

The special will air on WAVE Channel 3 the weekend of October 20-21 and then be available via satellite to all NBC affiliates in the United States.