Licensure & Endorsement

Post baccalaureate licensure programs

A license for teaching middle childhood (grades 4-9) requires completion of two areas of concentration, to be chosen from the following:

    • Language arts
    • Mathematics
    • Science
    • Social studies

This license includes 12 credit hours of reading coursework and the candidate will be eligible to teach reading in grades 4-9

A middle childhood generalist endorsement (grades 4-6) may be added to a middle childhood license.  The endorsement permits the candidate to teach the added content areas (language arts, mathematics, science or social studies).

A license for teaching adolescent/young adult (grades 7-12) is available in the following subject fields:

    • Integrated language arts (English major is required)
    • Integrated mathematics (mathematics major is required)
    • Integrated social studies (history major is required)


A license for teaching MULTI-AGE (PRE-K-12) is available in the following subject fields:

    • Music (music major is required)
    • Visual arts (art major is required)


Endorsement options