Church Matching Scholarship

Bluffton University affirms congregations that have established programs to help their students with college costs. 

Bluffton University will match dollar for dollar the first $1,000 provided by any Christian church congregation. Beyond that amount, the university will match $1 for every $4 from the congregation, up to full tuition. 

The church’s portion and the university match will be added to other aid that the student would otherwise be awarded. Federal regulations prescribe rules for packaging aid. When church-university funds are submitted after initial aid has been sent to the student, the financial aid office may be required to reduce need-based aid.

According to the Internal Revenue Service, gifts qualify for a charitable deduction only if they “proceed from a detached and disinterested generosity and not from anticipation of economic gain.” Parents who contribute to this program through the church and direct their gift to their child’s scholarship will not meet the requirements for a charitable deduction. In addition, gifts that are given with the “understanding” that they will be designated for a specific person cannot be considered for a charitable deduction.

To insure that the university is aware of those students who are eligible for matching funds, we ask that the participating churches complete and return the participation form by March 1 of each year.  

If there are questions about the program, please contact Cathy Yoakam, assistant director of financial aid at 1-800-488-3257, option 2, or