Core curriculum

What can liberal arts do for you? 

Bluffton's core liberal arts curriculum is designed to provide you the basis for lifelong learning to meet the challenges of living and working in the 21st century.


Our liberal arts education gives you a higher level of understanding in Christian faith, humanities, social science, natural science, mathematics and the arts so you can find a perfect balance. You will also take a introductory first year and senior capstone course. Liberal arts courses >>>



At Bluffton, you will see and experience a range of perspectives. We embrace global, multicultural learning and appreciate the diversity and commonality of all people. We consider cross-cultural learning an opportunity for exploration and growth, so we've included that in our program. Cross-cultural experiences >>>



By learning across disciplines, you will build connections with students and faculty you never thought you would. Those relationships will help prepare you for life as well as vocation. We also encourage you to get involved in an organization or activity on campus. 



We want you to feel like you belong, so we try to create a safe, comfortable community. Central to our community building are the ideas of service, integrity, peacemaking and responsible citizenship. We've incorporated those values into the Bluffton experience. One way we strive for this is through civic engagement