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Our faculty members challenge their students, share insights gained through professional experience and communicate the knowledge they've spent a lifetime acquiring. They don't rely on teaching assistants (Bluffton doesn't have any), and they're supportive in the classroom, active in the community and committed to teaching. With most classes smaller than 20 students, allowing for personal relationships to develop between Bluffton students and faculty, it's no surprise that U.S. News and World Report  ranks Bluffton University in the top tier of Best Baccalaureate Colleges in the Midwest.

Ringing the Chimes

Jeff Gundy

Jeff Gundy, professor of English is known for the striking way he begins each class.

“I had this thought one day that it would be nice to have some ceremonial way to start class.” With help from his sons and Ten Thousand Villages, he found a way. 
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students, prof. explore

Luke Myers
 Dr. Luke Myers, assistant professor of physics, and students constructed a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) hoping it will lead to more exploration within a newly developed pre-engineering major.  More info >>>>

Sharing music

Music performances

Dr. Crystal Sellers Battle, department chair and associate professor of music, conducted a 500-voice high school choir and took charge by thinking “Just Dzüge It.”  More info >>>>