Virtual living:

  • "Stay in Check with Tech!"
  • "Ethics and Integrity in the Age of Social Media"
  •  "Teaching Our Machines"
  • Civic Engagement Day Forum
  • Comedy show by Mary Kate Wise
  • "How Does Technology and Media Affect Violence Against Women"
  • Opening Convocation
  • "Emerging from Facebook: Community, Justice and Religion in the Digital Age"

Technology's Impact on Culture and Learning

2012-13 Civic Engagement Theme

Most of us interact with technology throughout each day, whether we are driving our car, withdrawing money from an ATM machine, researching a paper, or updating our status on Facebook. 2012-2013's Civic Engagement Theme invites us to evaluate the many effects that the constantly changing technologies have on our lives, sometimes in ways of which we are hardly aware. Whether we think of evolving digital, biological, chemical, or nano technologies, how have these changes improved opportunities and living conditions for many people? On the other hand, in what ways do our interactions with technology pose challenges in our interpersonal relationships, our use of resources, our financial decisions? In classes, public presentations, student activities, and individual conversations, we explored the impact of technology on our human development and learning.

Some of this year's activities included:

The C. Henry Smith Peace Oratorical Contest was held in Yoder Recital Hall. Nathan Barber, Brent Schroeder and Kathryn Wineland participated.

Guest comedian Mary Kate Wise closed the day with a comedic presentation that featured the Bluffton Improv Group.